Getting started

This guide covers the basics in SuMO. If you haven't already, please read the our setup guide first.

The RO List

The RO List is the main screen of SuMo that you'll see after logging in. From here, you can access all other functionality of the app.

This list shows all Open ROs in your shop. If you only want to show WIP department jobs you can configure that in the settings.

The search bar lets you filter your RO List be RO number, vehicle information, department and more.

Moving a vehicle through Production
1. Select an RO from the RO List to go to the RO Detail Screen.
2. Press the Checklist button and finish all department checklist items before moving.
3. Press the top button with the department name in it to go to the Move RO Screen
4. Select the department or subdepartment you want to move the vehicle to and press the Move button on the bottom.
If you have department checklist items unchecked, you'll be prompted to finish them before you can move the vehicle.
Clock into an RO
1. Select an RO from the RO List to go to the RO Detail Screen.
2. Above the timeclock timer, select the department you want to clock into and press the Clock In button to clock into that department

The timer will reset once you have clocked into the new RO or department.

Clock into a Non-RO
1. Open up the Timeclock screen by pressing the Clock button above the RO List.
2. The top of the screen shows which Technician you are clocked in as. It also shows which RO and department is clocked into. Press the button for your Non-RO task to clock into it.
3. If you want to clock into a custom Non-RO task, select one from the drop down and press the Non RO button to clock in.
Tech Status for Managers

You must be logged in as a manager in order to use this feature.

1. From the RO List screen, press the Person Icon in the toolbar to go to the Tech Status Screen.
2. This screen shows what the Technician is clocked into and their original clock in time. Technicians that are not clocked in are grayed out.
3. If you select a technician, it will take you to the Timeclock Screen for the selected technician. Here you can clock a technician into and out of jobs or Non-RO tasks.
Taking photos
1. Select an RO from the RO List to go to the RO Detail Screen.
2. Press the Camera button to open the camera and take an image.
3. After the image is taken you can see a counter that shows you how many images you have taken for that RO.
Sending media to summit
1. To upload your media to summit for a single RO, press the Upload button on the RO Detail Screen.
2. To upload media for all ROs, press the Upload button on the toolbar in the RO List screen. Press the Send All button to start uploading media for all ROs that have media.
Viewing media
1. There are two ways to view the media stored on your device for an RO.
2. To view media for a single RO, select an RO from the RO List to go to the RO Detail Screen. Press the Picture frame button to view images for the selected RO.
3. You can alternatively select the RO from the Media list screen to view media for that RO.
4. Press a picture to view it full screen. From here, you have the option to delete the image.