User Interface

This guide covers the different screens in SuMo, how to get to them and what they do. We recommend that you read the Getting Started Guide first.

Login Screen

The login screen is the first thing you'll see when you open SuMo. This screen is where you can access the Settings Screen and login to SuMo which will take you to the RO List Screen.

Settings Screen

The settings screen is where you'll configure SuMo to point to your Summit server. Read the Setup Guide to learn more.

Media Settings Screen

This screen is where you'll configure SuMo to point to your Media server so that you can send Images to Summit. Read the Setup Guide to learn more.

RO List Screen

The RO List Screen is the main screen of SuMo. From here, you can see your Open ROs and access SuMo's additional functionality.


The toolbar buttons on top of the RO List lets you quickly access features in SuMo:

RO List

The RO List shows all the Open ROs for your shop. If you select an RO it will take you to the RO Detail Screen where you can perform actions on the RO.

Search box

The search box lets you filter which ROs show up in your RO list. You can search any text in the following fields:

  • RO Number
  • Vehicle year, make and model
  • Department name
  • Jobclass name
  • Insurance company

For convenience, you can also press the drop down arrow on the right side of the search box to quickly select a department to filter by.

RO Detail Screen

In this screen you can move an RO, complete its department checklist, clock in and manage media.

Move Buttons

The top button holds the current Department for this RO. Tap it to go to the Move RO Screen.

The next button will show you how many Department Checklist items are complete. Tap it to goto the Checklist screen. You'll need to complete every checklist item before you can move the RO to the next department

Clock in

The clock in section lets you clock into an RO with the desired labor type. A timer shows you how long you've been clocked in. Below the timer it shows you what RO and department you are currently clocked into.

You must be logged in as a Technician in order to see this section. Read the Setup Guide to learn how to select a technician.


The media section shows you how many images you have taken for this RO that haven't been uploaded yet. There are a few buttons which have different functionality:

  • Opens the Media Grid Screen where you can preview and remove photos.
  • Starts uploading all photos for this RO to your Media server.
  • Opens the camera and lets you take a photo for this RO.
Move RO Screen

This screen lets you move the current RO to a new department or subdepartment. Select your department and/or subdepartment and press the Move button at the bottom to finish. After a move you will end up back at the RO List Screen.

If you have not completed the department checklist for the RO then you'll be navigated to the checklist. You must complete all department checklist items before you can move an RO.

Line Items Screen

This screen shows a list of Job Line Items for the RO. It shows the Description, Part Number, Hours and Labor Operation.

Vehicle Check-In Screen

In this screen, you can quickly create a new RO in Summit. This doesn't require an estimate so you can efficiently add a vehicle in preproduction so you can take photos and more.

You must enter a vehicle year, make and model to complete the new vehicle check-in.

Tech Status Screen

The Tech Status Screen allows you to see what each technician is clocked into.

If you are logged in as a manager then selecting an employee will take you to the Timeclock screen for the selected employee.

Timeclock Screen

This screen shows you the name of the Technician that is currently logged in and allows you to clock into Non-RO tasks.

Media List Screen

This screen shows you all the photos that are on your device that haven't been sent. Each RO with images has its own row. Select an RO's row to view the Media Grid of images.

Press the Send All button to start uploading all photos on your device. If you only want to upload images for a single RO, you can do that in the RO Detail Screen.

Media List Screen

This screen shows you thumbnails of all images on your device for the current RO. You can select a thumbnail to view it full screen where you have the option to remove it. Once a photo has been uploaded to Summit, it will no longer show up here.