Scoreboard Pro v1.0.0.12

SummitCRS introduces Scoreboard Pro a rebuilt Scoreboard application with even more KPI that every shop wants to keep an eye on. See Daily, WTD, & MTD Department Throughput, Cycle Times and more! Easily identify your areas of production lag and opportunites for improvement with Scoreboard Pro. Contact SummitCRS support to get your Scoreboard upgraded today!

Release Notes

  • Feature: Added MSO Single Server Support with drop down location selector
  • Feature: Keys to Keys – Vehicle Arrival Date to Delivery Date
  • Feature: Lead Time – Vehicle Arrival to Repair Start
  • Feature: Production Cycle – Repair Start to Vehicle Ready.
  • Feature: Lag Time – Vehicle Ready to Actual Pickup
  • Feature: Touch Time Box to show Touch Time for each KPI
  • Feature: Throuput Hours KPI options for Delivered or Closed
  • Feature: Department RO Cycle Detail Screen
  • Enhancement: Last Cycle Date - The date/time that the last vehicle was “Completed” in the department
  • Enhancement: Daily, WTD, Monthly TP – The number of hours “Completed” WTD for the department based on the Labor Type and Labor % as set up in Admin Production
  • Enhancement: Daily, WTD, Monthly Cycle Hours/Days - The average hours/days that the “Completed” ROs spent in the department

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